Pocket Watch & Chain -

Steampunk with Style!

A genuine mechanical pocket watch with a skeletonized movement - you can see the gears move! - together with a hand-made steampunk style watch-chain.

This watch and steampunk watch-chain combination is only available online directly from Lemur.com®.

The watch-chain is hand-made by Rollande in Wisconsin. It is fitted with a T-bar, and so is suitable to wear with a vest (slip the T-bar through a buttonhole and wear the watch in your waistcoat pocket).

The watch is new (not vintage) and is imported by Singing Lemur® Jewelry directly from the Celestial Empire. It has a jeweled movement in brass which has been fully skeletonized. It must be wound daily - there are no batteries.

The watch case is a half-hunter with filigreed front, in base metal. The chain and T-bar are base metal, with genuine watch wheels (gears) set in professional jeweler's resin. One year warranty.

Price: US$70.00 for the watch and chain together.

How To Buy:

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