Original jewelry pieces by the late Rollande Krandall are still available from Singing Lemur.® They may be purchased directly from Lemur.com® (right here!)


Singing Lemur® Jewelry Direct from Lemur.com®

Featured Piece:

Steampunk Locket. Opens. Brass, black resin, and gears; brass chain with lobster clasp. Locket width: 7/8 inch. Not safe for those with metal allergies. Piece #778. $50.00

How to Buy Singing Lemur® Jewelry

Lemur.com® direct sales of Singing Lemur® Jewelry pieces are done the old-fashioned way, by mail. To purchase a piece shown here, first contact David M. MacMillan via e-mail at dmm@LEMUR.COM to reserve it. When informed that it is available and being held for you, then please write to:

Lemur.com® / The Singing Lemur® LLC
2526 Wearne Road
Mineral Point, Wisconsin 53565

Indicate the piece number. Include a check drawn on a US bank in US dollars for the amount of the piece plus $5.00 shipping. Sales tax, if applicable, is included in the price. "Use tax," if applicable and if levied in your jurisdiction, is not included and remains your responsibility. Make sure that you include your shipping address and that it is clear and legible.

Do not send money orders, as that would complicate things in the event that the piece had already sold.

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