The Singing Lemur in transition.

(Original pieces by the late Rollande Krandall are still available directly from Lemur.com®. Click here for direct sales.)


Rollande Krandall (1964–2017)

My wife, Rollande Krandall, died suddenly and unexpectedly in February 2017. She is missed very deeply by a wide circle of friends. Without her talents, technical skills, and extraordinary imagination there will be no new jewelry from the Singing Lemur. Over time, I will be offering for sale her remaining manufactured stock and some components.

But The Singing Lemur is a quarter century old and has been many things: musician, folklorist, glass flameworker, Steampunk jeweler. With the passing of one tradition begins another.

The Singing Lemur LLC will continue with Dr. David M. MacMillan in the artistic trade of

Typefounders' Machinists.

Its first products are expected to be simple, traditional punch and patrix cutters' and typefounders' hand instruments. These will be announced in detail only after they are completed.

If you have an interest in any aspect of the making of real metal letterpress printing type, you may contact me at: dmm@Lemur.com

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